Monday, March 16, 2015

Two Years

Two years old - Still feels like a wonderful dream sometimes when I'm sitting here watching them play and I remember the journey that brought them into our lives.  Two amazing little boys that are full of laughter, and merriment, and beautiful joy - and occasionally a little touch of the devil ;-)

They are so smart - they count to 20 and recognize letters.  They like to sing the "Wheels on the Bus" and watch Sesame Street.  They both love Elmo and Thomas the Tank. They both LOVE sports.  Hockey is their favorite but they also love baseball and football.  They will actually sit and watch the games on TV and then play along with their balls and sticks.

It has been a cold, snowy winter but with the change of the season upon us I predict that we will be outside most of this spring and summer.

Here are some pictures….

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Year of Wonder

Well, it has been several months since my last post but between the horrible winter we had, illness, and school sports its been crazy!

The boys turned one in February but we were unable to celebrate because we were all sick with the stomach flu - yuk!!  So we are holding off until mid-June and having a Baptism and Birthday celebration all in one fell swoop - that we can have outside.  The downside of a winter birthday is that if you live in Pennsylvania you can't have an outside party (unless you reschedule your birthday due to stomach flu ;-P )

The boys are doing amazing - they are developing their own personalities.  Henry is the outgoing one who after the first smile is your friend.  Angus is the shy one who takes a while to warm up to strangers.  Angus crawled first but Henry walked first.   Henry has all of his teeth and Angus has only six teeth.  Henry's hair has just grown in and Angus could probably do a commercial for hair shampoo with his flowing locks.  (which I can't bring myself to cut off)  They are the most beautiful babies and it has been a wonderful year of reliving all of the firsts - and I know there are more firsts to come with the second year.

I have been blessed with this amazing year of wonder.  I sometimes have to pinch myself and remind myself that I am not dreaming.  Here are some pictures from the last few months.

We found out that Angus does not like cake!  

Easter Egg hunt

Sissy shares The Golden Egg!

Henry's "say cheese" face

Seriously, look at that hair

Daddy's boys are getting to be an armful

Go Flyers!
In twenty years the Flyers might have a chance at a cup with these guys on the team! 

Watching the first snowfall last December with big brother- if only we knew what was to come!

Spring brings April Showers and Lacrosse season

Until next time -

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays

Wishing all of our friends a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

They lasted about 30 seconds ;-)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Rascals at Nine Months

I can't believe these little guys just turned nine months - the time has flown by.  Henry is a little chatter bug.  Not speaking in words but babbling baby words.  He loves to scream DA-DA at the top of his lungs despite my hourly attempts to have him say Ma-Ma.  Angus is a mover and a shaker - if you put him down he is gone is a flash and trying to climb on something.  We just finished a major renovation of our house which entailed opening up the main floor into one room so now we can put the babies down and they can have a load of fun just moving around.

Henry has 8 teeth.  The first two came the day he turned 5 months.  He cut them two at at time which was probably bad for him but good in the sense he got it out of the way.  Angus just got his 1st tooth a few weeks ago and now the second has broken through.  Poor guy has been perpetually wet for the last two months with non-stop drool.

These babies are so sweet they get smiles where ever they go and give the smiles right back.  They are so beautiful and happy and we cherish them.   Here are some pictures from the last few months…

Angus loves his bunny!

Henry smiles could stop traffic.

Look at what I can do!

Photobombed by my brother :-)

The skunk costume was something I made for my older son for his first halloween I thought I would try it on the boys one at a time and take a picture - Angus was okay with it (I think he just realized if he holds still I will take it off and no more will be said about it)  Henry on the other hand was not going to stand for any pictures of himself dressed up in a skunk costume.

Just take the picture mom!! 

No freaking way!! 


Oh the drama!

Notice the shimmering drool coating his chest :-P

Bed head!

Conspiring to take over the world one day.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Six months and some weeks

Well, we hit the six month mark and the boys are getting so big.  I asked Brian the other day if he can believe it has been six months since our trip to India to pick up the boys.  He said it feels like a dream - a wonderful dream.

Henry has two new teeth and Angus is still working on his.

They are currently in the middle of their first colds - lots of Boogie Wipes in our house.  Poor little buggers - they hate being sick.  Angus loves to suck his thumb while he sleeps but he can't because his little nose is all stuffed up - so he screams instead until he passes out :-(

They are on the mend - in a few days they should be back to normal.  This past summer was really fun and flew by so fast.  We spent a lot of time at the zoo and going to the park.  Henry and Angus love to go for walks and just look at everything.  And everyone just loves to look at them - they are always smiling and they are just so beautiful and happy.  We count our blessings everyday that we have these little boys!  Here are some pictures....
What?! I like the bananas!

Power nap between bounces.

Seriously, can you fit anymore toys on these car seats?!  By the way, where are we going?  It better be to the park!

Okay, don't laugh!   Drool happens :-)

He better not get any of that drool on me or I'm gonna freak out!

The end of a long day of fun!

Nope!  I am not feeling the duckling costume, Mom.  Can we try the dinosaur one?

First day of school for big brother and sister.  Quite an adjustment for  Henry and Angus and also Mommy - I lost my helpers to public education.  It was very weird not to have someone available to watch the boys while I did laundry or took a shower - and after two weeks we are still trying to adjust!

Henry's preferred sleeping postion - rump up

What?!  I'm just holding the candy not eating it ;-P

Bye for now!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Where Have the Days Gone?

Well, it has been a while since my last post.  I have been getting on the internet every once in a while to check up on everyones blogs but have not had a chance to update mine - so here goes....

It has been extremely busy here.  Not only are we full on into lacrosse season and the start of travel soccer practices but we are on the last few days of school.  These boys are becoming seasoned soccer and lacrosse sideline babies.  I imagine that less than a week after taking their first steps they will be kicking a soccer ball or holding a lacrosse stick.

Henry and Angus are amazing.  I look at them everyday and still can't believe they are here and they are mine.  They go to bed at around 9pm and sleep until 7am.  Then they nap from 9am until around 11am then another afternoon nap after lunch and playtime.  They are smiling and cooing and they love watching their older brother and sister.  When my older son or daughter walk into the room they both light up with smiles.

Here are some pictures...

Let me guess - soccer practice again? - Angus

Car seats make these babies go right to sleep! - Henry

Good morning mommy :-)

Angus rock'n the mohawk!

Some days are good....

Angus on a good day.

and some are bad....

Henry on a bad day!

but most are good :-)

The boys are getting so big.  They are into three month clothes but love to just hang out in their diapers on a warm afternoon.  

Which is fine with me because they are both fountains after they eat.  One small jostle and its Mount Vesuvius with regurgitated formula instead of hot lava.  And let me be quite honest Similac Soy smells worse coming up than it does in a fresh bottle - yuk!  Despite all the spit up they are getting rolls and a little belly that they love to have raspberries planted on first thing in the morning.  There is nothing like a baby laughing out loud in the morning to get the day off to a great start.  

These two are such a pair.  I always get asked if they are identical but after a second look people realize they are different from each other.  Angus has more hair and Henry is shorter.  Henry started cooing and laughing a few weeks ago and Angus is just starting to laugh.  He tries to get it out but it comes out in grunts and smiles and snorts.  It is so funny.  Angus is ahead in physical development - he can grab a  toy and stick it in his mouth.  Henry is trying to get ahold of the bird that hangs from his car seat handle and kicks him in the face when the car seat gets moved around but his little fingers just haven't figured out how to grab and hold.  They both love to stand up on tables and talk to you.  They love people and the cat - she stays clear of them (I think she realizes what is coming and is hoping to stay under the radar for a little while longer).  Lord help her when they start moving.

The dogs are crazy about the babies.  Our little dog Ruby loves to sniff their toes.  Henry and Angus just stare at her in amazement - I always wonder what they are thinking.  

Our older kids are amazing.  People always ask me if twins are hard and I feel bad saying no - because I have so much help.   Older brother and sister are always there to help out with holding or feeding and making raspberries on baby bellies - but absolutely not changing diapers apparently.  

Until next time :-)