Monday, August 20, 2012

8 weeks and all is fine!

We received our 8 week scan today and everything appears to be normal with the babies and Mrs. K.  According to the Bump, our babies are the size of raspberries, however, they look more like tiny pickles to me....

Pickle #1

Pickle #2

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Dance!

Happy Dances are cool for people my age, right?  We are so excited to get the confirmation of two, yes, two heartbeats.  Thank you Samoza Baby for Googling 150 bpm and finding it normal - I just looked at the numbers and knew they had to be fine because I had read your blog :-)  Now on to the next step - waiting for the next scan in two weeks.  I feel like I am on the start of a roller coaster ride in the dark.  Have you ever ridden a roller coaster in complete darkness?  Disney World's Space Mountain  is completely in the dark.  You buckle in and the coaster takes off slowly down a dark tube with strobe lights.  You can hear the clack, clack of the chains pulling you up into the darkness and then you reach the top of the hill.  How steep is it?  Well, you are about to find out as you plunge down unable to see anything - that is how I feel right now.  Excited and yet, terrified.

All is normal!  Yay!  Normal never sounded so good!

Bubble #1 

Bubble #2

Our bubbles!  Apparently, our big bubbles.  Anyone else get a 6 week ultrasound where their bubbles measure almost 8 weeks?