Friday, September 13, 2013

Six months and some weeks

Well, we hit the six month mark and the boys are getting so big.  I asked Brian the other day if he can believe it has been six months since our trip to India to pick up the boys.  He said it feels like a dream - a wonderful dream.

Henry has two new teeth and Angus is still working on his.

They are currently in the middle of their first colds - lots of Boogie Wipes in our house.  Poor little buggers - they hate being sick.  Angus loves to suck his thumb while he sleeps but he can't because his little nose is all stuffed up - so he screams instead until he passes out :-(

They are on the mend - in a few days they should be back to normal.  This past summer was really fun and flew by so fast.  We spent a lot of time at the zoo and going to the park.  Henry and Angus love to go for walks and just look at everything.  And everyone just loves to look at them - they are always smiling and they are just so beautiful and happy.  We count our blessings everyday that we have these little boys!  Here are some pictures....
What?! I like the bananas!

Power nap between bounces.

Seriously, can you fit anymore toys on these car seats?!  By the way, where are we going?  It better be to the park!

Okay, don't laugh!   Drool happens :-)

He better not get any of that drool on me or I'm gonna freak out!

The end of a long day of fun!

Nope!  I am not feeling the duckling costume, Mom.  Can we try the dinosaur one?

First day of school for big brother and sister.  Quite an adjustment for  Henry and Angus and also Mommy - I lost my helpers to public education.  It was very weird not to have someone available to watch the boys while I did laundry or took a shower - and after two weeks we are still trying to adjust!

Henry's preferred sleeping postion - rump up

What?!  I'm just holding the candy not eating it ;-P

Bye for now!