Thursday, January 24, 2013

Belly Shots and Home Improvement

Well it has been awhile since my last update.  Our surrogate is doing well and babies are growing.  We received our 28 week scan the first week in January and Dr. Jolly noted excessive liquor - AFI 24 (high is 25).  Our surrogate was started on medication with fetal heart monitoring every 24-48 hours.  We have received no other updates so I am assuming that no news is good news!

I emailed Neha and asked if we can get some belly shots when our surrogate had her next check-up and I received some pictures this morning....

I keep looking at the photos and I think they are so beautiful - despite the Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt!  (That is the first thing Brian spotted when I showed him the pictures - haha) We have decided to bring her a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt when we go over ;-)  

Anyway, I keep thinking that is a lot of baby in that belly.  When we received our 28 week scans the twins were measuring at 2.7 pounds each!  Those babies are getting big fast.  We just hope they stay put for at least a few more weeks.  If our surrogate can actually make it to 37/38 weeks - I will be amazed and impressed!!

I am working hard on the nursery and also my son's room.  We are turning my son's room from a little boy's room into a teen sanctuary.  His 13th birthday is in a few weeks and I figured with the twins coming he might need a space where he can just get away from the baby crazy.  The nursery is almost done.  I am awaiting the arrival of the changing table which is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  The chair we bought from Pottery Barn Baby is on backorder until April 5th - ugh!!  I am hoping it comes early - fingers crossed XX.