Friday, April 6, 2012

Here goes......

Well, I am finally taking the leap and starting my own blog.  Now that I have sat down to do this I don't know where to start... so I will start at the beginning...  My husband and I have been married (mostly happily.....haha, honey) for almost 13 years.  Wow - that seems like a long time.  We have been blessed with two children, who are happy and healthy - and love spending time with each other (well, some of the time, I can always wish can't I   ;-)

My first pregnancy was smooth and uncomplicated right from the start and nine months later we were blessed with a big, big, bouncing baby boy.  The second time around not so smooth or uncomplicated.  My 18 week ultrasound revealed to our doctor that I had a complete placenta previa and that I was having a girl.  I was over the moon (about the girl part).  The previa - not so much.  My mom had had one with my brother and almost died - but after some "nothing to worry abouts" and "just take it easys" from the doctor I was okay - until about 2 weeks later when I woke up covered in blood - I know - yuk!  Believe me it was as gross and as terrifing as it sounds. The rest of the pregnancy was spent in the hospital on my back praying that I would not loose this bundle of joy.  
Even more good news - my previa was now an accreta.  Basically, my placenta had attached to my c-section scar and grown through my uterus and into my body.  Ugh! By the way - I was now thinking to myself - this little diva is making a lot of trouble for mommy!  

Well, luckily I had some angels sitting on my shoulder because 16 weeks and only a few scary moments later I had a bouncing baby girl.  I still remember the operating room filled with doctors (because apparently, this was a rare condition and also a learning moment for would-be obstetricians) and my OB leans over and says "I'm sorry but you have to have a hysterectomy - we can't save your uterus".  At the time I thought it was a fair trade - my uterus for a baby girl and I still think it was a fair trade. 

I have two beautiful children - I should be happy right?  I totally am - but I have always wanted a big family.  Not Duggar-sized (American reality TV for all international readers) but three or four little rug-rats running around and terrorizing the neighborhood would have been nice.  Well, I have spent the last six years looking at ways to expand our family.  International adoption - nope.  Domestic adoption - nope.  Surrogacy - yes!  Unfortunately, unless you are a movie star, have a Great-Aunt Gertrude who passes on and leaves you a mattress filled with $100 dollar bills, or have the good fortune of picking six willing Mega Millions numbers you are out of luck.  My husband absolutely refused to mortgage our house to the nines and drain our kids college funds.  He is the level headed one in this relationship - thank God!  Anyway, about two years ago I am trolling the internet looking for ways to make a few million and come across Surrogacy in India. What! Surrogacy where!  India!  Read a little more and hope is starting to blossom again.!

Well, after some thorough research and budget analysis and plenty and plenty of praying we are finally about to start our journey.  Hopefully, our journey goes smoothly and successfully and along the way maybe we will make a few new friends.  


  1. Wishing you all the best for the crazy Indian Surrogacy journey! :)

  2. Wow what a fantastic entrance (i.e.story).
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for your journey.

  3. Looking forward to reading your updates. Best wishes on this journey - K

  4. Very interesting and well written story. Looking forward to many more as you start your jouney. Good luck!

  5. Wow it is like reading my story. I hope you have as much luck as we did. Wishing you all the best.