Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Weeks down - 30 to go!

Well, just received our scan on this - our last unofficial day of summer, since the kids go back to school tomorrow.  I am hoping that with the start of school the days will go by faster.  Once my kids started school the days seemed to fly by at an unbelievable rate.  I think this is because of holidays and vacations - and assignments that come due so quickly you are scrambling at the last minute to find pictures of cell reproduction online.

Dr. Shivani says that everything is looking fine and that our surrogate Mrs. K is doing well. The babies are starting to look like babies instead of pickles.  According to The Bump our babies are the size of prunes - which is gross.  Who picked that fruit for this week?  A prune, really, I am going to override that observation and go with strawberry.  My babies are the size of chocolate covered strawberries - the kind you can get from the Godiva store in the mall ;-)

Here is a picture of our two little strawberries. One seems to be looking right at the camera and waving - I bet she/he is even thinking "Hi Mom!!"  Such smart little strawberries - we can't wait to meet you!

Hi Mom! from Strawberry #1

Strawberry #2


  1. Hooray - congrats! What beautiful strawberries!!!

  2. oh Hai mom! Just taking a quick swim.
    Love it!

  3. How exciting what wonderful scans! x

  4. Yesterday I had a common feeling, couldn´t hold the tear ... I will update my blog today, but seems we are going to meet in 30 weeks on Delhi :) LOL