Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween after the storm.  We were lucky that our neighborhood did not get hit very badly from Hurricane Sandy.  There are neighborhoods north of Philadelphia that are not expected to have electrical power until next week.  We only lost power for 12 hours and very little damage in our neighborhood meant that the kids could still go out and enjoy trick-or-treating.  In some areas Halloween has been postponed until next week - but in our house it was pumpkin carving and dreaming about how much candy they were going to bring home and try to hide from Mom (because I toss it out after a week ;-)

You know they are engrossed in a project when they are not yelling at each other - haha!


Sending a prayer out for all those waiting to celebrate because they are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  

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  1. aaah I used to live in Philly- I love the place, and my thoughts have been with you guys up in the East since this whole storm broke. Good to hear you are ok