Monday, June 17, 2013

Where Have the Days Gone?

Well, it has been a while since my last post.  I have been getting on the internet every once in a while to check up on everyones blogs but have not had a chance to update mine - so here goes....

It has been extremely busy here.  Not only are we full on into lacrosse season and the start of travel soccer practices but we are on the last few days of school.  These boys are becoming seasoned soccer and lacrosse sideline babies.  I imagine that less than a week after taking their first steps they will be kicking a soccer ball or holding a lacrosse stick.

Henry and Angus are amazing.  I look at them everyday and still can't believe they are here and they are mine.  They go to bed at around 9pm and sleep until 7am.  Then they nap from 9am until around 11am then another afternoon nap after lunch and playtime.  They are smiling and cooing and they love watching their older brother and sister.  When my older son or daughter walk into the room they both light up with smiles.

Here are some pictures...

Let me guess - soccer practice again? - Angus

Car seats make these babies go right to sleep! - Henry

Good morning mommy :-)

Angus rock'n the mohawk!

Some days are good....

Angus on a good day.

and some are bad....

Henry on a bad day!

but most are good :-)

The boys are getting so big.  They are into three month clothes but love to just hang out in their diapers on a warm afternoon.  

Which is fine with me because they are both fountains after they eat.  One small jostle and its Mount Vesuvius with regurgitated formula instead of hot lava.  And let me be quite honest Similac Soy smells worse coming up than it does in a fresh bottle - yuk!  Despite all the spit up they are getting rolls and a little belly that they love to have raspberries planted on first thing in the morning.  There is nothing like a baby laughing out loud in the morning to get the day off to a great start.  

These two are such a pair.  I always get asked if they are identical but after a second look people realize they are different from each other.  Angus has more hair and Henry is shorter.  Henry started cooing and laughing a few weeks ago and Angus is just starting to laugh.  He tries to get it out but it comes out in grunts and smiles and snorts.  It is so funny.  Angus is ahead in physical development - he can grab a  toy and stick it in his mouth.  Henry is trying to get ahold of the bird that hangs from his car seat handle and kicks him in the face when the car seat gets moved around but his little fingers just haven't figured out how to grab and hold.  They both love to stand up on tables and talk to you.  They love people and the cat - she stays clear of them (I think she realizes what is coming and is hoping to stay under the radar for a little while longer).  Lord help her when they start moving.

The dogs are crazy about the babies.  Our little dog Ruby loves to sniff their toes.  Henry and Angus just stare at her in amazement - I always wonder what they are thinking.  

Our older kids are amazing.  People always ask me if twins are hard and I feel bad saying no - because I have so much help.   Older brother and sister are always there to help out with holding or feeding and making raspberries on baby bellies - but absolutely not changing diapers apparently.  

Until next time :-)