Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Rascals at Nine Months

I can't believe these little guys just turned nine months - the time has flown by.  Henry is a little chatter bug.  Not speaking in words but babbling baby words.  He loves to scream DA-DA at the top of his lungs despite my hourly attempts to have him say Ma-Ma.  Angus is a mover and a shaker - if you put him down he is gone is a flash and trying to climb on something.  We just finished a major renovation of our house which entailed opening up the main floor into one room so now we can put the babies down and they can have a load of fun just moving around.

Henry has 8 teeth.  The first two came the day he turned 5 months.  He cut them two at at time which was probably bad for him but good in the sense he got it out of the way.  Angus just got his 1st tooth a few weeks ago and now the second has broken through.  Poor guy has been perpetually wet for the last two months with non-stop drool.

These babies are so sweet they get smiles where ever they go and give the smiles right back.  They are so beautiful and happy and we cherish them.   Here are some pictures from the last few months…

Angus loves his bunny!

Henry smiles could stop traffic.

Look at what I can do!

Photobombed by my brother :-)

The skunk costume was something I made for my older son for his first halloween I thought I would try it on the boys one at a time and take a picture - Angus was okay with it (I think he just realized if he holds still I will take it off and no more will be said about it)  Henry on the other hand was not going to stand for any pictures of himself dressed up in a skunk costume.

Just take the picture mom!! 

No freaking way!! 


Oh the drama!

Notice the shimmering drool coating his chest :-P

Bed head!

Conspiring to take over the world one day.