Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Successful Parenting

Well, sometimes I feel like a successful parent.  Its the little things that matter in the beginning like clean diapers, full bellies and the belly-laughter - as I used to call it.  When they get bigger and start making decisions on their own then you know that you are really doing a good job when those decisions reflect what you have taught them about right and wrong.  Then you get into the situations were they are trying to do what they want (be cool) and yet some little voice in the back of their mind is telling them they better do the right thing because "mom will kill me" if I don't!

This says success, why?  Because you can live without a toe but not a brain!  Always wear a helmet! Shoes are apparently optional.


  1. Haha I love the video! Yes it definitely spells out success and good parenting skills to me :)

    1. He is funny - I told him socks don't count as proper footwear but he had to learn that on his own ;-)