Friday, June 22, 2012

What was I thinking?!

Well, I was at one of the many "superstores of stuff" (as I like to call them) today - Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I was buying - of all things - an insulated tumbler to keep the ice in my iced tea from melting.  Okay - it was 100 degrees here today and the ice was not doing its job - so I thought an insulated Tervis Tumbler with pink paisley decals would help.  Plus, I had a coupon for 20% off!

Anyway, right next to the cathedral sized building full of towels, kitchen drawer organizers, and a million other things that we can't seem to live without was another cathedral sized building full of baby stuff.  I don't' know what I was thinking - it must have been the giddy joy of getting 20% off of my tumbler - but I decided to go into that baby superstore.  I think the only thing they weren't selling were babies.  I had forgotten about all of the "stuff" that you can buy for a baby.  Wow!  I started to get a buzzing in my ears, shortness of breath, and oohhhh - look at those strollers, how cool.  Look at all the accessories.  Wow, they didn't have those when my kids were babies.  Why do they always have the cool stuff when your kids won't use them anymore.  (you get the picture)

In the middle of this amazement over the amount of baby car seats one building could hold, I realized I needed to get out of the store or I might never leave.  I headed for the door and in my rush to get out  I ended up going out the entrance.  Apparently, the automatic door sensor won't open the door if you go out the wrong way.  You have to push according to the sign that reads "in case of emergency - push to exit.  I started pushing but it would not open - I guess the door didn't think it was an emergency!  I must have had this desperate look on my face because some really nice man walked over and triggered the sensor on the outside of the door to open it. Aha!  I had managed to escape despite the best efforts of the baby superstore!  A quick "thank you" to my knight in shining armor for opening the door and I was hurrying back to my car.

I have decided NOT to enter another baby superstore until we are at least 6 months pregnant.  I am going to need at least that amount of time to save up all the money I need to buy the store out - just kidding!!  Actually, I am a totally superstitions ninny and think I will jinx myself if I do go into one, which I know is absurd but I never said I was the brightest light in the chandelier now did I?

I came back home and found our schedule for treatment.  If reports are okay then stimulation started yesterday.  That means in about two weeks we could be going for egg retrieval and fertilization.  It seems so surreal after so many years of waiting.  If all goes well we could be pregnant in a few weeks. Wow!
I think that tiny word says it all :-)


  1. WOW! Not long now...maybe around the same time as me???? Lets plan to meet in Delhi in March 2013!!!

    1. March sounds like a wonderful month to go to Delhi! Fingers and toes crossed that we meet up next year :-)