Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wait, Pray, Wait

Well, we are standing on the threshold of the ominous 2WW.  This Friday our beautiful ED is scheduled for her procedure. Dr. Shivani has picked the surrogate that she thinks is the proper match for our cycle.  A wonderful woman who has the most beautiful eyes and most lovely smile.  Hopefully, our ED will give us a lot of little eggs - which will turn into little embryos - which will turn into a healthy, little baby.  That is a lot of hoping.

Friday seems like a long time off.  It is the Fourth of July tomorrow and I was hoping that with the holiday the wait would go faster - wrong!  Each hour seems to drag on and on.  We are headed down to the Maryland shore Thursday to spend a few days at the beach.  Maybe the gentle loll of the ocean can calm my nerves.

I am just finding it hard to grasp the fact that I have made it this far and now am faced with another of many waiting periods.  Wouldn't it be nice to just put your order in for a nice healthy baby and then have the stork drop it off the next morning?  No waiting, just a peck at the window and you get handed the pink or blue blanket filled with your precious baby.  Oh well, no stork landing strips at my house.  Guess we'll have to do it the old fashion way and just wait and pray and wait.

Also, just wanted to send a special prayer out for all the people going through the 2WW now and those, at home or over in Delhi, preparing to undergo egg retrieval.  Praying that we get to meet you all next March for baby pick-up!


  1. Good luck in abundance for Friday and the following 2ww. Yes this is the start of many longer waits as you know. We are 9 weeks with two singletons as you know, and the waits get longer but strangely, more barable, perhaps we are getting used to the feeling and we know how well the SMs are being cared for now with hospital experience. All will be well, enjoy your coastal break and happy 4th July! X x x SR&RR

  2. Lol I wish I had a stork landing strip at my house too lol all the best on your journey guys fingers and toes crossed for you x

  3. Welcome to the 2WW club!!!

    Best wishes to you.

  4. Thanks for the prayer. We are right behind you. Our second try,a FET, is in two weeks time. Fingers crossed we will meet up in Delhi next year!